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The Coupon Is Not Dead … And So You Should Use It To Increase Your Sales

The Coupon Is Not Dead … And So You Should Use It To Increase Your Sales

Experts offer five recommendations for incorporating promotional codes in Internet product marketing.

The coupon market does not decline. But do not think that you have to take out the scissors again to be able to cut them from the pages of some newspaper or magazine. Digital platforms have made their presence so easy that offers online discounts, the number of stores that adhered to promotional codes to their marketing strategy grew 90% in the last year.

The reason is that more and more national consumers are seeking access to offers. In fact, it estimates that eight out of 10 use this type of tool to acquire clothing, gadgets, airline tickets, and entertainment events, mainly.

However, this practice seems to be only popular in a niche market: young people between 25 and 34 years old (46.5% of the total), since the older population continues to be concerned about online security.

Implement a strategy

The experts offer a series of recommendations to implement a marketing strategy that includes promotional codes and that, it is recommended to implement in fashion, technology, travel, sports, and entertainment companies:

  1. Know the customer. The company has to identify potential users, encourage them to purchase a product on offer, and get them to make a second consumption, but at a normal price. Make sure you offer coupons to the right people and avoid losing them on those who buy once and never come back.
  2. Determine the products. It is not about random bidding. The use of promotional codes can help companies to liquidate the stock, to publicize a new product and position it in the market. Although it is not about keeping them discounted all the time, but rather rotating them so that the customer has new consumption options, leaving him satisfied with the variety and achieving his loyalty.
  3. Choose a broadcast channel. Perhaps a small company chooses to use social media or its own website to show discounts. However, it is recommended to approach a platform with a national and even international presence to give greater visibility to the products in exchange for a commission.
  4. Measure your strategy. In order to know if the use of coupons is working properly, it is important to analyze the costs of the promotions offered and compare them with the income of the business. If the profits are less than the sales, perhaps the use of promotional codes is not the best idea.